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This is an attempt to create a database of all South African nationals who are Qur'aan reciters or memorizers and to document such information in the history of South Africa. The information was gathered from entries in the Qiraa'ah competitions, members and associates of the SA Qur'aan Union, as well as other sources. The tittle 'Haafidh' was reserved for those who are known to have completed the memorization of the Holy Qur'aan. There are literaly hundreds of students that commits the entire Qur'aan to memory every year throughout South Africa and we therefore wish to note each male and female reciter in the country. Updates to the list can be forwarded to

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Full Name Place of Study Biography Image
Western Cape
Maahirah Abdurazaaq Gassiep (Haafidha)Cape Town, EgyptMemorized the Quran under Sh Mohamed Adams at the Abdullah Ibn Masood Institute in Cape Town. Also completed the Al Fajr Arabic Language Course in Egypt.
Maalikah Allie (Haafidha)Cape TownMemorized the Quran under Sheikh Mieraajudien Abrahams in 2006.
Mahmood Khatib (Haafidh, Qari, Advocate)Cape TownMahmood is the grandson of the Late ML Abubakr Khatib, former Imam of the Grey street Masjid in Durban. He completed the memorization of the Qur'aan at ICOSA and Sab'ah Qiraa'ah under Sh Sa'dullah Khan in Cape Town. He attained 6th position at the international Hifdh competition in Egypt 1995 and is presently the president of the Masjidul Quds committee.
Malika HendricksCape TownStudies at Abdullah ibn Masood Hafidh School
Mareldia isaacs (Haafidha)Cape TownCompleted hifz in 2003 under her husband, Moegamat Faried Isaacs. Studied Arabic and Shariah at Diraash mushafil kareem in Hanover Park and graduated in 2001.currently running her own madrassah in westgate m/plain, Cape Town
Moegamad Maahir NolanCape TownStarted memorizing the Quran under Sheikh Abdul Gamied Brown in Bridgetown and presently furthering it under the guidance of Shaikh Fouad Gabier.
Moegamad Shaahir NolanCape TownCompleted the memorization of the Quran at the Al Manaar Hafieth Institute under Sh Fouad Gabier in 2010.
Moegamad Shareef Martin (Haafidh)Cape TownFinalist in the Cape Town Qiraa'atul Qur'aan Competition 2005.
Moegamad SondayCape Town
Moegamat Faried Isaacs (Haafidh, Moulana)Cape Town, Newcastle, Gauteng, EgyptStudied the Quran under Sh Moosa Titus and Sh Ganief Moos and completed the memorization at Darul Uloom Newcastle, whereafter he spent a year doing revision of the Quran under Ml Farouk Patel at Darul Uloom Zakariyya. Completed the aalim course in darul uloom newcastle in 1997.currently in Egypt doing a course in the arabic language and reading for sanad and ijaazah in hafs and shu'bah an aasim
Moeneeb Moses
Mogamad Adiel Brown (Haafidh, Sheikh, Qaari)Cape Town
Mogamad Ameen ArmienCape Town
Mogamad Erefaan SamuelsCape Town
Mogamad Farouk Girie (Haafidh, Moulana)Newcastle/Cape TownStudied tajweed under Sh. Ismail Londt and completed Alim course at Qaasimul Uloom, Cape Town. Finalist in the Cape Town Qiraa'atul Qur'aan Competition 2005.Represented SA at international competition in Palestine 2005.
Mogamad Lutta (Haafidh, Moulana)GautengMemorized the Qur'an at Darul Uloom Azaadville and completed Aalim course at Qaasimul Uloom. Currently teacher at Darun Naim Hifdh school.
Mogamad Moerat (Haafidh, Sheikh)Cape TownImaam of Muir Street Masjid, Cape Town
Mogamad Rafiq SalieCape TownStudies maqamat under Qaari Abdul Gamied Brown. Finalist in the Cape Town Qiraa'atul Qur'aan Competition 2005, 3rd place at the SA Qiraa competition 2006 and 1st Place in 2007 (Teenage category). Currently memorizing the Quran at Daar Ubay. Member of Nurush Shabaab.
Mogamad Raqeem SmithCape townStudent at Jam'eyyatul Qurraa.
Mogamad Sameuls (Haafidh)Cape Town/EgyptCurrently studyin sciences of Qiraa'ah in Egypt.
Mogamad Sedick Sedick (Imaam)Imaam at Nizamia masjid, Tokai.
Mogamad Shafiek BarendseCape TownMemorized the Quran at Hafiz Academy and Daar Ubay. Learnt maqamat under Qaari Abdul Azeez Brown. Finalist in South African National Qiraa'atul Qur'aan competition 2006. Currently working for the South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF). Member of Nurush Shabaab.
Mogamad Yaasir SamboCape Town
Mogamad Yusuf DavidsCape TownStudent at Al Ameen Hafith Institute
Mogamad Zaid MarkusCape TownStudent at the Siddique Islamic Centre- Elsies River
Mogamad Zain Alexander (Haafidh)Cape TownMemorized the Quran under Imaam Abdurrahmaan Salie. Studies tajweed and maqamat under Sh Ismail Londt and Qaari Abdul Azeez Brown. Achieved 1st position at the Cape Town Qiraa'atul Qur'aan Competition 2005 and 1st position at the SA National Qiraa'atul Qur'aan Competition and represented SA in international competion held in Palestine 2005 and represented South Africa at Libya competition 2008. Member of Nurush Shabaab.
Mogamat Erefaan SamuelsCape TownStudent of Sh Ganief Moos.
Mogammad Ameen AbdooroftCape TownStudent at Jam'Eyyatul Qurraa. 2nd Place winner of SA Qiraa competition 2006, 2007.
Mohamed Sohail Goolam Mahomed (Haafidh)Cape TownCompleted hifz at Jameyatul Quraa in Cape Town. Presently schooling at Islamia College
Mohammad George (Haafidh)Cape TownMemorized the Quran under Sheigh Abdullah Awaldien in Kensigton, Cape Town
Moosa Titus (Shaikh, Haafidh)Cape TownImaam of Primrose Park Masjid
Muattham Carlie (Haafidh)Cape TownMemorized the Qur'aan under Sh. Ganief Moos in Wynberg, Cape Town.
Mubariek Taliep (Shaikh)Cape town
Mubeen GeldenhuysCape Town
Mubeen Parker (Haafidh)Cape TownMemorized the Quran under Sh Yusuf Booley.
Muhammad Aaqil Sedien (Haafidh)Cape TownStudied under Sh Mogamat Ganief Moos in Wynberg.
Muhammad AbrahamsCape TownMemorizing the Quran at Darun Naim Hifdh division.
Muhammad AllieCape Town
Muhammad Amir DavidsCape TownMemorizing the Quran at the Imaam Nawawi Institute under Sh Haroun Moos.
Muhammad Carr (Haafidh, Moulana)Gauteng/ Syria/ Cape TownMemorised the Qur'aan and completed Aalim course at Darul Uloom Zakariyya. Studied further in Syria and at Madrassah Al Arabia Islamia in Strand. Currently a teacher at the above institute.
Muhammad Imtiyaaz Hendricks (Haafidh)Cape Town/ GautengMemorized the Quran under Sh Yusuf Booley and Sh Mahdi Essa in Cape Town and completed it at Darul Uloom Pretoria in 2007.Currently doing Alim course at Darul Uloom Pretoria.
Muhammad PhilanderEgypt
Muhammad Saleem Zalgaonkir (Haafidh, Qari, Moulana)Cape Town, Durban and IndiaCompleted Hifdh under Sh. Yusuf Booley, Alim course at Darul Uloom Aleemia Razvia, Durban, and Qiraa`ah under Qari Abul Hasan at Jamia Ashrafia, Burhanpur, India. Teacher of Hifdh from 1995- 2001 and graduated 10 students. Former khateeb at Sunni Jumma Masjid, Pelican Park, Cape Town. Currently the country manager of Muslim Hands South Africa
Muhammad Tashreeq Taliep (Haafidh)Cape TownMemorized the Quran under Sheigh Abdul-Aziz Vallie at Jam`eyyatul Qurra` Received the following awards during his studies: Award for completing the most Ajazah for the year.(16) 2007-Top Student 2008-Tamat @ St Athans Rd Masjied
Muhammad Uzayr Coe (Haafidh)Cape TownStudied under all marhum shaykh Yusuf Booley Jam eyatul qurra
Muhammad West (Haafidh Qaari, Moulana)Newcastle/ Cape Town/ EgyptImaam at Jaamia Masjid, Strand and teacher at Strand Darul Uloom
Muhsin Jaffer (Haafidh)Cape TownMemorized the Quran under Sheikh Fuad Gabier in Cape Town.
Muneer Satardien (Haafidh)Cape Town/ EgyptMemorized the Quran under Sh Yusuf Booley. Studied in Egypt under the supervision of Dr. Ahmad Naeena. Currently teaching Quran in Cape Town.
Munowar Harneker (Haafidh)Cape TownCompleted the memorization of Qur'an at the Hafiz Academy under Haafidh Ismail Berdien. Currently doing Islamic studies at the International Peace University of South Africa (IPSA).
Muntahaa Kenny (Haafidh)GautengMemorized the Qur'an at Darul Uloom Zakariyya. Studied under Sh. Ganief Moos and received Ijaazah for Hafs by Sh. Abdul Ba'ith Ash-Shawaadifee from Egypt. Chairman of Nurush Shabaab 2002- 2006 and initiator of the South African National Qiraa'atul Qur'aan Competition. Taught Hifdhul Qur'an at Masjidul Quds whilst reciting for Warsh by Sh. Muhammad Al Arab from Egypt. Currently founder member and Chairman of the South African Qur'aan Union.
Musfiqah IsaacsCape TownStudent at Nurush Shabaab Hifdh School
Mushfiqah HendricksCape TownMemorizing Quran at Nurush Shabaab Haafidh School
Mustafa Raza Mukadam (Haafidh)Cape TownMemorized the Quran under Sh Yusuf Booley. Currently studying at the University of Stellenbosch.
Northern Cape
Muhammad Zubair Barday (Haafidh, Advocate)Kimberly/ Cape TownStudent of Sh Abduragmaan Sadien.
Free State
Mohammed Ebrahim Dajee (Haafidh)GautengCompleted the memorization of the Quran at Darul Uloom Zakaria, Lenasia
Kwazulu Natal
M.Mukhtar Khan (Hafiz)LadysmithMemorised the Quran under ML Saleem Vawda at Madresah Ubay Ibn Ka`ab, Ladysmith
Mohamed Amajee (Haafidh)Pietermaritzburg, IndiaStudied and completed the Quraan in 1994 under Hafez AK Badat, dhor recitation for 1year (1995) at Madressa Ashraful Madaris, Pietermaritzburg. Did a second year of Dhor in 1996 at Miftahul Uloom, Jalalabad, India
Mohamed Ehzaaz Khan (Hafiz)LadysmithMemorised the quran under ML Saleem Vawda at Madresah Ubay Ibn Ka`ab, Ladysmith
Mohamed Faisal Kajee
Mohamed SaderLadysmithMmorizing the Holy Quran under Moulana Salim Vawda
Mohamed Zaheen Habibullah (Haafidh)DurbanCompleted hifdh under Hafiz Mustapha Chaster at South Coast Madressa in 2005
Mohammad Abdool Qadir Bassa (Haafidh)DurbanCompleted hifd at Moulana Abdul Haq Makda`s madressa in Overport Durban in 1980
Mohammad Abdool Qadir Bassa (Haafidh)DurbanCompleted hifdh at Moulana Abdul Haq Makada`s madressa in Overport Durban in 1980
Mohammed Dhaler (Hafiz)NewcastleCommenced hifz in De Deur and Completed hifz at Madrasah Tahfeezul Quran
Mohammed Dhaler (Hafiz)NewcastleCommenced hifz in Marlboro and Completed hifz at Madrasah Tahfeezul Quran , Newcastle
Mohammed Jassat (Haafidh)CamperdownStudied in Madressa Inamiyah, Camperdown, under Qari nazir Salajee and Moulana Abdul haq Makhda
Mohammed Moolla (Haafidh)DundeeMemorized the Quran in Dundee, Kwazulu Natal under Ml Ahmed Kathrada
Mohammed Sameer Rassool (Haafidh)Kwa Zulu NatalStudied under Hafez Irshad Manjra
Moosa Desai (Hafiz)NewcastleCompleted hifz in Mia`s farm under the mubarak hands of Moulana, Hafiz Abdur Rahman Ebrahim (Mia) sb (RA) 1973.Further studied tajweed and qiraat at Darul uloom Falahe Darain Tadkeswar INDIA under Qari Anees Ahmed Sb (RA) (khaadim) taught Hifz at Madresah Tahfeesul Quraan Newcastle (MTQ) 2003 - 2008
Muhammad Ameer KhanKZNStudent at Al Falaah College.
Muhammad Asmal (Haafidh)LadysmithMemorized the Quran at Madressa Ubay ibn ka`aab, Ladysmith, under ustaad/principal, Moulana Saleem Vawda and ustaads Hafez Yusuf Vawda, Hafez Altaaf Seedat, Hafez M Randeree, Hafez Imtiaz Sardiwalla, and Hafez Umar Farouk Mather.
Muhammad bin Ismail Akoonjee (Haafidh)UmzintoMemorized the Quran at Madressa Dawatul Haq, Umzinto, under Qaari Ismaeel Desai (soofi)
Muhammad Desai (Hafiz)NewcastleCompleted hifz at Madrasah Tahfeezul Quran under Hafiz MOOSA DESAI
Muhammad Furqan Shaik (Haafedh) DurbanStudent of Hafez Irshaad Beemath(Manjra) of Durban
Muhammad Ismail (Haafidh)PietermaritzburgCompleted the Holy Quraan under Mufti A.S Desai in 2006.
Muhammad Mota (Haafidh)PietermaritzburgMemorized the Quran at Raisethorpe Madressa, Pietermaritzburg
Muhammad Munga (Haafidh)DurbanMemorized the Quran in 2007 under Moulana Makada in Durban.
Muhammad Peer (Haafidh)Pietermaritzburgcompleted Hifdh on 18th of May 2012 at Madrasah Fatimatuz Zahraa under Mufti Mayat.
Muhammad Shabbir Essack (Haafidh)Durban/Pietermaritzburg/ GautengCompleted by Mufti Ridhwan Joosub in Pietermaritzburg
Muhammad Shuayb KhanKZNStudyin at Taleemuddeen Madrassah, Isipingo Beach.
Muhammed Amra (Haafidh)DurbanMemorized the Quran under Moulana Makadah in West Road, Overport.
Muhammed Arif Beemath (Haafidh)DurbanStudent of Hafez Irshaad Beemath (Manjra) of Durban
Muhammed Hussain Khan (Haafidh)Pietermaritzburgbegan hifz in august of 2003 and completed in april 2008 at Masjidu Taqwa.Currently studying mechanical engineering at Howard College in Durban
Muhammed Moosa Desai (Haafidh)Port ShepstoneCompleted on 19.10.2008 at Madressa Miftahul under Moulana Yusuf A.S. Ameen. Presently studying medicine in Romania
Muhammed Sheikh (Haafidh)EscourtStudent at Siraajul Haq Islamic Centre.
Muhammed Yusuf Asmal (Haafidh)DurbanCompleted hifz at Madrasah Taaleemud Deen, Durban
North West
Mikhaeel Gani (Haafidh)PolokwaneBegan hifz in 2007 and completed in the beginning of 2010 under Moulana Ilyas Patel
M. Obaidullah Karim (Hafiz)Azaadville
Mahammed Aslam Asvat (Hafiz)Azaadville
Mahmood Hasan Bhoola (Haafidh, Moulana))GautengCompleted his hifz under Qari Iqbaal Qazi at the age of 14 and Alim course at Darul Uloom Zakariyya
Mahmood Yunus PatelAzaadvilleCompleted at Azaadville M school. Presently a student
Makbuk Gulam Husen Shaikh (Hafiz) AzaadvilleCompleted at Madresh Nurul Islam Bharuch Gujrat
Maseeha Saloojee (Haafidha)JohannesburgHifdh completion at Jaami`ah Sheikh Zakariyyah lil Banaat
Maseehullah Haffejee (Hafiz)Azaadville
Mashud Ahmed (Moulana, Haafidh)IndiaImaam of Masjidus Saaliheen in Lenasia.
MF . Abdullah Moolla (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstaad in Azaadville - completed Madrasah Anwaar Roshnee
MF Muhammed Seedat (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in Azaadville
MF. Amjad (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
MF. Masood Cassim (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in Azaadville
MF. mohammed Saeed Motara (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstaad in Azaadville
MF. Muhammed Patel (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstaad in Azaadville
ML Anwar Noorgat (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in Azaadville
ML . Abdullah Ismail (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstaad in Azaadville - completed hifz Barberton Anjuman Islam
Ml Abdul Hamid Ishaq (Hafiz)Azaadville
ML Abdullah Amejee (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in Azaadville
ML Abdullah Ishaq (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
ML Abdullah Latiff (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
ML Abdullah Mia (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
ML Abdur Rahim Sheikh (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
ML Ahmed Ali (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
ML Ahmed Chothia (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
Ml Ahmed Saber (Hafiz)Azaadville
ML Ateequr Rahman Azmi (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstaad in Azaadville
Ml Cassim Mohamed Sayed KathradaAzaadvilleMadrasah I Ibrahimiya Natal
Ml Fazlurrahman Azmi (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstaad in Azaadville
ML Iqbal Jeena (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in Azaadville
ML Iqbal Makda (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in Azaadville
ML Ismail EbrahimPatelAzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
ML Ismail Pandor (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
ML Masihurrahman Azmi (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
Ml Mohammed Akbar Alli (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Dar ul Uloom Azaadville.Presently an USTAAD
ML Mohammed Angamia (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
ML Mohammed Rafiq Badsha (Hafiz)Azaadvilleustad in azaadville
ML Mohammed Rafiq Ebrahim (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in Azaadville
ML Mohammed Rafiq Motara (Hafiz) AzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
ML Mohasmed Rasaan Ahmed (Hafiz)Azaadvilleustad in Azaadville
ML Moosa Kajee (Hafiz)Azaadvilleustad in azaadville
ML Moosa Lorgat (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in Azaadviile
ML Moosa Patel (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstaad in Azaadville
ML Muhammed Abba (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in Azaadville
ML Muhammed Chothia (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in Azaadville
ML Muhammed Eshak (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
ML Nazir Latiff (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in Azaadville
ML Ridhwaan Kajee(Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in Azaadville
Ml Sarfaraz (Hafiz)Azaadville
ML Shafiqurahman Azmi (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
ML Umar Bismillah (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in Azaadville
ML Uzair Angamia (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
Ml Yahya Eshak (hafiz)AzaadvilleAalim / Ustaad
ML Zakariyya S. Eshak (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
ML Ziyaad Hussein (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in azaadville
ML. Abdullah Dabhelia (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstaad in azaadville
Ml. Ahmed Mansoor (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUmzinto
Ml. Ahmed Mansoor (Hafiz)AzaadvilleUstad in nazaadville
Mohamed Abbas (Hafiz)Azaadville
Mohamed Adam (hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Dar ul Uloom Azaadville. Pharmacist
Mohamed Ahmed Desai (Hafiz)AzaadvilleDarul uloom Azaadville
Mohamed Ahmed Nana (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Azaadville Muslim School.Presently a student
Mohamed Anver Poothawala (Hafiz)RoodepoortCompletely Hifz privately with his dad being the ustaad. Presently an Educator
Mohamed Badsha (Hafiz)AzaadvilleDarul Uloom Azaadville
Mohamed Hanif Chiboo (Hafiz)AzaadvilleDar ul Ulool Azaadville
Mohamed Kara (hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Darul uloom Azaadville
Mohamed KolabhaiRoodepoortCompleted privately. Presently a Teacher
Mohamed Moolla (Hafiz)Azaadville
Mohamed Sadiq DINDAR (Hafiz)AzaadvilleDarul Uloom Azaadville
Mohamed Uzair Kaka (Haafidh, Qaari, Aalim)GautengMemorized Quran at Darul Uloom Zakariyya (Eikenhof branch) and completed it at the age of 17 under Qari Idrees. Studying Aalim and Qiraat at Khairul Madaaris in Mayfair West.
Mohamed Zuber Yunus Essa (Haafidh)LimpopoMemorized 25 Juz of the Quraan at Darul Uloom Zakariyya and completed memorization of the Quraan at the madressah in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province.
Mohammad Uzayr Zuberali (Haafidh, Aalim)GautengCompleted hifz under his father Ml. Abbas Zuberali. Studied under Hafiz Abdurrahman Mia in Lens and Ml Farouq Patel (Darul Uloom Zakariyya). Completed Aalim course at Jameah Mahmudiyyah in Springs. Currently serving Melbourne Australia.
Mohammed Akoojee (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Azaadville Muslim School
Mohammed Angamia (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Darul Uloom Zakariya
Mohammed AsvatAzaadville
Mohammed Asvat (hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Darul Uloom Azaadville
Mohammed Azhar Bobat (Haafidh)AzaadvilleMemorized the Quran at Azaadville Muslim School in a period of one year, nine 9 months at the age of 11.
Mohammed Azhar Bobat (Hafiz)Azaadville
Mohammed Azhar Chohan (Haafidh)GautengMemorized the Quran at Madressa Quwatul Islam, Palm Ridge and Darul Uloom Zakaria
Mohammed Feroz Moolla (Hafiz)AzaadvilleDarul Uloom Newcastle
Mohammed Hassam (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Azaadville Muslim School.Presently a sales assistant
Mohammed Hoosein Kathrada (Hafiz)Azaadvillecompleted in Rander INDIA
Mohammed Huzaifa Ahmed (Haafidh)JohannesburgCompleted the Quran at De Deur Madressah and currently furthering his studies.
Mohammed Idrees Minty (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Azaadville Muslim School.Presently a student
Mohammed Latib (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Darul Uloom Azaadville
Mohammed Loonat (hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted hizz at Azaadville Jaamea Masjid
Mohammed Mayet (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Azaadville Jaamea Masjid.Forensic Analyst
Mohammed Molvi (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Darul Uloom Azaadville
Mohammed Muneeb Ravat (Haafidh)LenasiaCompleted hifz in 2010 at the age of 14 yrs under Moulana Zain Coovadia at Madrasah Tahfeedul Quraan in Lenasia, Gauteng.
Mohammed Patel (Hafiz)AzaadvilleDawatul Haq
Mohammed RafiqueZakariyya ParkCompleted Dar Ul Uloom Zakariya
Mohammed Saeed Mulla (Hafiz)Azaadville
Mohammed Sa`ad Jada (Haafidh)GautengCompleted Quran under Qari Basheer Patel at Quliyatul Quran- a subsidiary of Al-Tawheed Lenasia. Host the Quran program "Kalamurabbi" on Radio Islam .
Mohammed Yusuf Seedat (Haafidh, Aalim, Mufti)GautengStudied under several teachers and institutions, amongst them: Ml Shabbir Khan, Madrasah Zakaria, Ml Yusuf Mia, Mayfair Masjid, Ml Nazir Essay, Mayfair Markaz, Ml Makda, Madrasah Arabia Islamia - Azaadville (dor/ muraaja`ah - 96) Completed Aaalim course in Azaadville and thereafter the Iftaa course. Currently working at SANHA and Imaam of Mondeor Masjid
Mohammed Zaheer Moolla (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Darul Uloom Azaadville
Mohammed Zaid Chothia (hafiz)Azaadville
Moosa Khota (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Kerk Street JHB
Moosa Ravat (Haafidh, Aalim)LenasiaCommenced Hifdh under the late Hafiz Abdurahmaan Mia. There after did dhor by Masjid Ashraf and ML Omar Ravat. Presently teaching at an Islamic school
Muaawiyah Mia (hafiz)AzaadvilleDarul uloom Azaadville
Muaaz Salejee (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Dar ul Uloom Azaadville.Presently a student
Muahmmed Ebrahim (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Darul uloom Azaadville
Muhammad Bobat (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Azaadville muslim School
Muhammad Dabhlia (Hafiz)AzaadvilleAzaadville Muslim School
Muhammad Esmailjee (Haafidh)GautengMemorised the Quraan under Moulana Zahir Patel at Tshwane(Pretoria) Muslim School
Muhammad Ilyaas Patel (Hafiz)AzaadvilleDarul uloom Azaadville
Muhammad Ismail Haffejee (Haafidh)GautengCompleted the Quran in 1998 at Madrassah Islamiyyah Benoni, currently residing in Robertsham.
Muhammad Jassat (Hafiz)Azaadville
Muhammad Karim (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Darul Uloom Camperdown
Muhammad Latiff (Hafiz)AzaadvilleMifyahul Uloom De Deur
Muhammad Mahomedy (Haafidh)Gauteng, DurbanMemorized the Quran at Mckenzie Masjid in Benoni) and Madressa Moinuddin in Overport, Durban.
Muhammad Moaaz Ismail Mayet (Haafidh, Moulana)Gauteng, PakistanStudied in De Deur at Madrasah Miftahul Uloom under Mufti Goolam Hasan Saib Saheb ( ј) and also studied in Pakistan at Jamiah Ashraful Madaris. Currently teaching in Springs at Madrasah Ashraful Uloom.
Muhammad Moosa (hafiz)
Muhammad Peer (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Azaadville Jaamea School.Presently a student
Muhammad Ridwaan Patel (Haafidh)SpringsCompleted Hifdh under Moulana Ahmed Kotwal.
muhammad Saley (Hafiz)AzaadvilleAzadville Jaamea School
Muhammad Tayyab Sarigat (Haafidh, Qaari, Aalim)GautengCompleted hifdh, aalim, and Qiraat (under Qaari Ayoob Essack)at Darul Uloom Zakariyya. Presently teaching hifz of the quraan in jhb.
Muhammad Timol (Haafidh)GautengMemorized the Quran at Darul Uloom Zakariyya
Muhammad Yunus PatelAzaadvilleCompleted at Azaadville M. School. Presently a student
Muhammad Zaakir (Haafidh)GautengCompleted the Quran in Villa Liza in 2009.
Muhammad Zaakir (Haafidh)GautengCompleted the Quran in Villa Liza in 2009.
Muhammed Abba (Hafiz)AzaadvilleHeidelberg
Muhammed Ahmed (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Darul Uloom Azaadville
Muhammed Ameen (Haafiz)AzaadvilleAudit Manager
Muhammed Ameen Abbas (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Darul uloom Azaadville
Muhammed Aslam Eshak (hafiz)AzaadvilleStudent
Muhammed Aslam Haroon Rajah (Haafidh)GautengMemorized the Quran at Darul Uloom Zakarriya
Muhammed Asvat (Hafiz)Azaadville
Muhammed BhabhaGautengJaamia Masjid, Azaadville
Muhammed Dabhelia (Hafiz)Azaadville
Muhammed Faizal Peer (Haafidh)DurbanCompleted under Mol.Farouk Jeebhai, Darul-uloom Ta`leemuddeen, Durban
Muhammed Ismail (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Darul Uloom Azaadville
Muhammed Kotwal (Haafidh)Gautengmemorised quraan in Darul Uloom Zakariyya
Muhammed Kotwal (Haafidh)Gautengmemorised quraan in Darul Uloom Zakariyya
Muhammed Kotwal (Haafidh)Gautengmemorised quraan in Darul Uloom Zakariyya
Muhammed Kotwal (Haafidh)Gautengmemorised quraan in Darul Uloom Zakariyya
Muhammed Langry (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Azaadville Muslim School
Muhammed Mayet (Haafidh)GautengJaamia Masjid, Azaadville
Muhammed Mehtar (Moulana, Haafidh)GautengJaamia Masjid, Azaadville
Muhammed Moolla (Haafidh)GautengAzaadvile Darul Uloom
Muhammed Moolla (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Darul uloom Azaadvilee
Muhammed Naby (Haafidh, Aalim, Qaari)Completed Hifz at Darul Uloom Zakariyya and Qira`at and Aalim course at Darul Uloom Azaadville
Muhammed Naby (Hafiz)AzaadvilleDarul uloom Zakariya
Muhammed Nana (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Azaadviile Muslim School
Muhammed Patel (Hafiz)Azaadville
Muhammed Ravat (Hafiz)AzaadvilleDawatul Haq
Muhammed Riaz Bhamjee (Haafidh)LenasiaMemorized the Quran at Nurul Islam Madressah, Lenasia, RSA under Hafez Mohammed Adam. Currently living in Gaborone Botswana, in retail business
Muhammed Sulaiman Eshak (Hafiz)AzaadvilleDarul uloom Azaadville
Muhammed Uwais Ebrahim (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted darul uloom Azaaville
Muhammed Wadee (Haafidh)GautengMemorized the Quran at Ashraful Madaris, Lenasia
Muhammed Zaakir (Haafidh)Azaadville
Muhammedi Abbas (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Madressah Jogwaar - INDIA
Muzaffar Darwood (Haafidh)DurbanMemorized the Quran under Qari Dawood Jeebhai in Durban.
Mohamed Sameer Mitha (Haafidh)MiddleburgMemorised the Quran under Moulana Haroon Memi im Middleburg
Mohamed Yaeesh Gani (Haafidh)MiddelburgCompleted the memorization of the Quran on his own (self taught at home).
Mikhaeel Gani (Haafidh)PolokwaneBegan hifz in 2007 and completed in 2010(3 and a half years) under Moulana Ilyas Patel
Mohammed Abdul Carrim (Haafidh)Polokwane, PretoriaMemorized the Quran in Polokwane and Pretoria (Mahad al nur alIslamy).

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