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This is an attempt to create a database of all South African nationals who are Qur'aan reciters or memorizers and to document such information in the history of South Africa. The information was gathered from entries in the Qiraa'ah competitions, members and associates of the SA Qur'aan Union, as well as other sources. The tittle 'Haafidh' was reserved for those who are known to have completed the memorization of the Holy Qur'aan. There are literaly hundreds of students that commits the entire Qur'aan to memory every year throughout South Africa and we therefore wish to note each male and female reciter in the country. Updates to the list can be forwarded to

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Full Name Place of Study Biography Image
Western Cape
Abbas Moerat (Haafidh)Cape TownTeacher at Al ameen Haafidh Institute. Winner of MJC National Hifth competition 2009
Abd ArRasheed Brown (Haafidh, Shaikh)Cape TownMemorized the Quran under Sh Moosa Titus and graduated from the Islamic College of South Africa. He studied maqamat under Sh Ismail Londt and recited all over the world including the holy city of Makkah. He founded the Ibn AlJazari institute and is currently teaching there.
Abdiya KarriemCape TownStudies at Abdullah ibn Masood Hafidh School
Abdul Azeez Brown (Qaari)Cape TownMemorized Qur'an under Sh. Moosa Titus. Studied Islamic studies at Islamic college of South Africa and tajweed and maqamat under Sh. Ismail Londt. Achieved 2nd position at the Cape Town Qiraa'atul Qur'aan Competition 2005, 2nd at Internatiol reciters competition in Malaysia 2006, 6th at world Qiraa competition in Iran 2006 and 1st at the South African National Qiraa'atul Qur'aan Competition 2006. Vice chairman of Nurush Shabaab 2006. Youth development Officer of Nurush Shabaab 2007.
Abdul Azeez Valley (Haafidh)GautengMemorized the Quran at arul Uloom Zakariyya. Currently teaching at Jam'eyatul Qurraa.
Abdul Azeez ZoutenbergCape Town
Abdul Aziz KanemeyerCape Town
Abdul Fattaah Carr (Haafidh, Moulana)GautengMemorized the Quran and completed the Aalim course at Darul Uloom Zakariyya. Imaam of Addison rd mosque is Salt River. Also presidential aide of the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) and secretary of the South African Haj and Umrah Council (SAHUC)
Abdul Gakam Gabier (Haafidh)Cape Town/ EgyptMemorized the Quran under his father, Shaikh Fuad Gabier.
Abdul Ghafoor MukadamCape TownMember of Nurush Shabaab.
Abdul Ghamied Brown (Qaari)Cape TownMemorized Qur'an under Sh. Moosa Titus. Studied Islamic studies at the Islamic college of South Africa and tajweed and maqamat under Sh. Ismail Londt. Youth development officer of Nurush Shabaab 2006. Teacher at Nurush Shabaab Hifdh school.
Abdul Haadee Boltman (Haafidh)Cape TownMemorized the Quran at Darul Islam Haafith school in 1994 under Sheikh Abdul Karriem Davids
Abdul Waahid FredericksCape TownStudent at Jam'Eyyatul Qurraa.
Abdul Waarith Parker (Haafidh)Cape TownMemorized the Quran under Sheigh Abdullah Awaldien in Kensigton, Cape Town
Abdulah Francis (Haafidh)Cape Town
Abdullah Awaldien (Haafidh, Sheikh)Cape Town, Saudi ArabiaImaam at Kensigton Masjid and prominent teacher of Quran for many years. Also head of department of the Department of Quranic Affairs of the Muslim Judicial Council
Abdullah Taliep (Haafidh)Cape TownMemorized the Quran at Darun Na'eem.
Abdun Nur JacobsCape TownMemorizing the Quran under Haafidh Muntahaa Kenny
Abduraouf ChellanGauteng, Cape TownCurrently memorizing the Quran at Nurush Shabaab Hifdh school under Sh Abdul Gamied Brown. Previously studied at Darul Uoom Azaadville.
Abdurraghmaan Davids (Haafidh)Cape Town/ Egypt
Abdurraghmaan Sadien (Shaikh)Cape Town/ EgyptA well known impersonater of Sh Abdul Basit Abdus Samad. He travels the world extensively and is especialy well received in Europe.
Abdurragiem Salie (Haafidh, Shaikh)Cape Town
AbdurRagmaan Salie (Haafidh, Imaam)Cape TownStudied under Sh. Salih Abadie. Imaam of Park rd mosque for many years. Operates hifdh school in Claremont.
Abdurrahiem Abdurauf (Shaikh)
Abdurrahmaan Gallant (Haafidh)GautengMemorized the Quran under Haafith Ebrahim Bhamjee Darul Uloom Zakariyyah
Abdurrazzaaq Ebrahim (Haafidh)Gauteng/ Cape TownMemorized the Quran at Darul Uloom Zakariyya and completed it under Sh. Abdurrahmaan Salie. He also studied under Sh. Ismail Londt and is a prominent reciter. Currently ovesees the projects of Islamic Relief in the Western Cape.
Abubakr Abduraouf (Haafidh, Sheikh, Qaari)Saudi Arabia
Abubakr Ismail (Haafidh, Sheikh)EgyptImaam at Masidul Bagr, Strandfontein.
Abubakr Taliep (Haafidh)Cape Town
Achmad DavidsCape Town
Achmat Awaldien (Haafidh)Cape TownCompleted memorisation of Quran in 1998 under Shiegh Abdullah Awaldien from Kensington.
Ahmad WaggieCape Town
Ahmed Abrahams
Allie Daniels (Haafidh)Cape TownMemorized the Qur`aan at Darul Islam. Currently Imaam of Masjidul Mieftaagh, Lenteguer
Allie Davids (Haafidh)Cape TownMemorized the Quran under Sh. Yusuf Booley and studied further in Egypt. A former teacher at Jam-eyatul Qurraa andcurrently teaching at Al Ameen Haafith Institute in Cape Town. 3rd place winner in SA Qiraa competition 2007.
Alvie Alexander (Haafidh)Cape TownTeacher at Dar Ubayi Institute
Amaan ChellanCape TownStudent at Nurush Shabaab Hifdh School
Ameem TaliepCape TownStudent at Darun Naeem.
Ameen Taliep
Ameer HendricksCape TownMemorizing Quraan at Nurush Shabaab Haafidh School
Amir BrinkhuisCape Town
Ammanullah MohamedCape TownStudent at Dar Ubayi Institute
Aneesa Jabaar (Haafidha)Cape TownMemorized the Quran at the Hafiz Academy in Cape Town. Studied maqamat under Qaari Abdul Azeez Brown and recited the Quran to Qaari Abdul Ghamied Brown. Currently teaching Hifdh at Nurush Shabaab Hifdh school.
Anwar Abrahams (Haafidh)Cape TownMemorized the Quran under Shaikh Shamsudeen at Addison str Mosque in Cape Town. Currently an accountant by trade
Aslam Filmer (Haafidh)Cape TownCompleted the Hifdh at Masjidud-Da'wah, Mitchell's Plain. Member of Nurush Shabaab
Aysha Ceres (Haafidha)Principal and teacher at hifdh institute for girls.
Azam Najaar (Haafidh)Cape Town/ EgyptSon of Shaikh Thaafir Najaar.
Eastern Cape
Aadiel Ajam (Haafidh)NewcastleCompleted Hifdh at Darul Uloom Newcastle. Teaching Hifdh for more than 14 years and has graduated quite a number of students in Port Elizabeth.
Ashraf Ajam (Haafidh)Port ElizabethMemorized the Quran under Haafidh Aadiel Ajam.
Kwazulu Natal
Abdul Aziz GowanaInchanga
Abdulla Beemath Manjra (Haafidh)Kwa Zulu NatalStudied under Haafidh Irshaad Beemath (Manjra) of Durban, Ml kathrada of Vryheid and at Madrassa In`aamiya, Camperdown
Abdullah Vawda (Hafiz)LadysmithMemorised the Quran under ML Saleem Vawda at Madresah Ubay Ibn Ka`ab, Ladysmith
Abraar Khan (Hafiz)LadysmithMemorised the Quran under ML Saleem Vawda at Madresah Ubay Ibn Ka`ab, Ladysmith
Afzal Khan (Haafidh)Memorized the Quran in Durban (Umhlanga) under Moulana Vanker
Ahmad MehtarKZNStudent at Al Falah college.
Ahmed Amra (Haafidh)DurbanMemorized the Quran under Moulana Makada in West Road, Overport
Ahmed Lockhat (Haafidh, Qaari Sheikh)EgyptStudent of the late Sheikh Abdul Baasit Abdussamad and prominent Quran activist in Kwa- Zulu Natal.
Ahmed Sader (Hafiz)LadysmithMemorised the Quran under ML Saleem Vawda at Madresah Ubay Ibn Ka`ab, Ladysmith
Ali Bemath (Haafidh)Ladysmith, PretoriaCompleted hifz by Ml Vawda and Hafez Randeree in Ladysmith Presently an Aalim student at Darul Uloom Pretoria
Asif Asmal (Haafidh)DurbanStudied in Durban under hafiz Hoosen Wadi.
Ayesha Cassim RandereeDurbanMemorizing the Quran under Mualima Saajidah Amla in Durban
Aadil Asmal (Hafiz)AzaadvilleDawatul Haq
Aadil Moolla (Haafidh)BenoniMemorized the Quran at Benoni Muslim Jamaat madressa under Ml Qasim Amajee
Aarif Limalia (Haafidh)GautengStarted memorization in Zakariyya Park and completed in Benoni.
Abbas Alli Moolla (hafiz)AzaadvilleAzaadville Muslim School
Abdul Baseed Kazee (Haafidh)GautengMemorized the Quran at Darul Uloom Zakariyya.
Abdul Hameed Jeena (Hafiz)AzaadvilleDarul Uloom Azaadville
Abdul Jabbaar Halliday (Haafidh)GautengHAFIZ -COMPLETED AT DARUL ULOOM AZAADVILLE 2012
Abdul Khalek Vaid (Hafiz)Azaadvilleustad in azaadville
Abdullah Azmi (Hafiz)Azaadville
Abdullah Bin Haneef Moolla (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Azaadville Jaamea School.Presently a student
Abdullah Chothia (Hafiz)Azaadville
Abdullah Dabhelia (Hafiz)Lenasia
Abdullah Essack (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Darul Ulomm Azaadville
Abdullah Hoosen (Haafidh, Qaari, Aalim)GautengCompleted hifdh in Darul Uloom Zakariyya, Eikenhoff branch in 2000, completed riyawat hafs in 2005 under Qari Saleh Peck, completed qiraat sab`ah in 2007 and qiraat asharah in 2009 under Qari Ayyub Essack.
Abdullah Ibrahim Bhamjee (Haafidh)Completed hifz-ul-quraan in Darul Uloom Zakariyya in 2009 under Hafez Yusuf Bhamjee
Abdullah Kolabhai (Hafiz)Azaadville
Abdullah Loonat (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted hifz at Azaadville Jaamea Masjid
Abdullah Mia (Hafiz)Azaadville
Abdullah Moosa (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Madressah Ansharu Quran Azaadville.Presently a student
Abdullah Moosa (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Madrassah Ansaarul Quraan
Abdullah Motara (Hafiz)AzaadvilleDarul uloom Azaadville
Abdullah Patel (Hafiz)Azaadville
Abdullah Rasheed Abass (Haafidh)BenoniQualified in 1997 under Moulana Abdus Samad Daya in Benoni,Gauteng. Currently practising as an Architect in Johannesburg,Gauteng.
Abdur Rahma Eshak (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Dar ul Uloom Zakariya
Abdur Rahmaan Dasoo (Haafidh)GautengStudied at Madressa tahfeezul Quran (Roshnee)
Abdur Rahmaan Dasoo (Haafidh)GautengStudied at Madressa tahfeezul Quran (Roshnee)
Abdur Rahmaan Dasoo Haafidh)RoshneeMemorized the Quran at Madressa Tahfeezul Quran (Roshnee)
Abdur Rahmaan Loonat (hafiz)AzaadvilleDawatul Haq
Abdur Rahman Gardee (Hafiz)Azaadville
Abdur Rahman Jeewa (Hafiz)Azaadville
Abdurrahman A. Is`haq (Haafidh, Qaari, Moulana)Gauteng/ Cape TownMemorized the Qur`aan under Mawlana Zaheer Ali and Mawlana Abd ar-Rahim Shaikh. Did Muraaja`ah (revision) of the Qur`aan under the late Hafidh Abdurrahman Mia. Completed the Aalim course at Darul Uloom Azaadville. Studied al-Qiraa`aat as-Sab`ah and al-Qiraa`aat ath-Thalaathah under Qari Ismail Essack. Received Ijaazah in Hafs from Qari Yunus Desai and Shaikh Dr. Ashraf Fua`ad Tala`at of Egypt. Undertook further studies in Cape Town under Mawlana Taha Karaan. Currently Imaam at Masjid al-Huda Robertsham. Also running a Hifdh class in Robertsham and principal of the local Madrasah. One of the founder members and secretary of the Sautul Qur`an Foundation South Africa.
Abdus Samad Kazee (Hafiz)AzaadvilleMadressa Hidayatul Islaam INDIA
Aboo Bakr Abbas (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Darul uloom Azaadville
Aboobakr Siddeeq Mohammed (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Jamia Ashrafiya Maseehiyya (De Deur)
Abubaker Patel (Hafiz)Azaadville
Abubakr Ganchi (Haafidh)BenoniQualified as Hafizul Quran in 1998 under Moulana Abdus Samad Daya in Benoni. Currently practising as a Chartered Accountant in Johannesburg
Adil Patel (hafiz)Azaadville
Adnaan Aboobaker Laher (Haafidh)GautengMemorised the Qur’an under the guidance of Haafidh Mohammed Saeed Vaid at Darul Uloom Zakariyya in 1989
Adnaan Mayet (hafiz)Azaadvillecompleted - Madressah Springs
Adnan Adam (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Dar Ul Uloom Azaadville.Accountant
Ahmad Molvi (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Dawatul Haq
Ahmad Patel (Hafiz)AzaadvilleDarul uloom Azaadville
Ahmed Bobat (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted Azaadville Muslim School
Ahmed Cajee (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted in Heidelburg
Ahmed Desai (Hafiz)AzaadvilleMias Farm Water Val
Ahmed Lambat (Haafidh)BenoniCompleted hifz at Benoni Muslim Jamaat under Ml Abdus Samad Ismail Daya on 21 October 2002
Ahmed Mayet (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted privately. Student Aalim
Ahmed Mia (Hafiz)aDarul uloom Azaadville
Ahmed Mohammed Jassat (Hafiz) AzaadvilleCompleted at Jamiaha Husainiyah Rander INDIA
Ahmed Molvi (Hafiz)AzaadvilleDawatul haq
Ahmed Moola (Haafidh)NewcastleStudied under Qaari Imraan Desai of Newcastle. Currently resident and part time Imaam at Highbury Musallah in Killarney, Johannesburg.
Ahmed Pandor (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Jamea Dabhle - INDIA
Ahmed Pandor (Moulana, Haafidh)GautengJaamia Masjid, Azaadville
Ahmed Saeed (Hafiz)Azaadville
Amjad Mohammad (Hafiz)AzaadvilleJamia Mahmmdiya - INDIA
Anees Moegamed Kara (Haafidh, Aalim)GautengCompleted Hifz in 2002 under Hafiz Ebrahim Bhamjee at Darul Uloom Zakariyya. Completed Alim in 2009 and done 2 different riwaayaat of Quraan. Currently Imaam in Maraisburg Jumua Masjid
Anwar JeevaAzaadvilleCompleted Darul Uloom Jaamea Rander INDIA
Anwar RamadanLenasiaStudent at At-Tauheed Islamic Centre.
Asad Motara (Hafiz)AzaadvilleCompleted at Azaadville Jaamea Masjid
Asjad Limalia (Haafidh)GautengStudied in Zakariyya Park and completed /hifdh in Benoni.
Aslam Timol (Haafidh)GautengCompleted Hifz in 1997 under Qari Rashid Topia at Darul Uloom Zakariyya. Completed Business management Studies in 2004. Worked for SAA, BA and currently Sales Manager for Qatar airways- Saudi Arabia. Was based in Durban, Capetown , Johannesburg , Doha Qatar, Jeddah (currently four yrs)
Ayoob Essack (Haafidh, Qaari, Moulana)IndiaSenior teacher of Qiraa`at Darul Uloom Zakariyya
Ayyoob Adnaan LaherGautengMemorised the Qur’an under the guidance of Moulana Mohammed Pandor in Robertsham in 2011
Haafidh Abdul Baseed KazeeGauteng
Haafidh Abubakr Mohamed
Abdullah Akhalwaya (Haafidh)MiddelburgMemorized quran under Qari Altaf Dosh in Middelburg on 22 March 2012
Abdullah Bhamjee (Haafidh)GautengMemorized the Quraan at Darul Uloom Zakariyyah under Hafiz Yusuf Bhamjee in 2009.
Ahmed Sarang (Haafidh)ErmeloStudied at Ermelo Islamic Centre. Currently Imaam and teacher at Bela Bela Jamea Masjid
Ashraf Abdul Kalek Bhayat (Haafidh)TrichardMemorized the Quran under his father, Haafidh Abdul Kalek Bhayat.

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